The Comox Valley Child Development Association (CVCDA) and Island Health have partnered with the University of British Columbia to bring the Parent and Child Early (PACE) Coaching Research Project to eligible families of the Comox Valley. The research project is aimed at parents of toddlers age 15-36 months with social and communication delays that put them at risk for autism.


You might be worried if a child you know:
  • Doesn’t smile or use other joyful expressions
  • Doesn’t enjoy back and forth sharing of words and gestures
  • Doesn’t point, show you things or look at you to share
  • Doesn’t make speech sounds, talk or put two words together by the time you might expect
  • Stopped making speech sounds, talking or interacting
If you have concerns about your child’s social communication within this age range and would like to ask questions and see if your child might qualify for a screen to qualify for participation in this research, please contact:


Jennifer Lewis at the CVCDA
250-338-4288 ext.229  OR


Deadline to qualify is July 1, 2019