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Sibling Support Group Fall Sessions set to start Sept 26

Sep 12, 2019 | News

The Comox Valley Child Development Association is running our fall sessions of support group for siblings of children with diverse abilities. Please help us spread the word to families who may benefit!

Our fall groups will include two different sessions for two varying age groups:


Siblings Ages 6-9
September 26 thru to October 31, 2019 (six weeks),
Thursdays, 3:15-4:15
POSTPONED: to now start October 3, 2019

Siblings Ages 9-12
November 7 thru to December 12, 2019 (six weeks),
Thursdays, 3:15-4:15


The sibling support group is an opportunity for siblings of children with diverse abilities to meet each other in a relaxed recreational setting. We provide a fun and safe space for kids to share ideas with other siblings who often have similar experiences.

The group is designed to be fun and relaxing! We play games, do art activities and activities involving movement to help keep a light tone in the room. And along the way, we provide opportunities for kids to share experiences and concerns related to life with a sibling with diverse abilities. There is never any obligation for kids to share and we trust that children who don’t share a lot are learning and benefitting from just listening to the other kids in the group.

Some of the activities we have done with participants include:

  • Discussion Gift – unwrapping a present with multiple layers of wrap and a discussion question on each layer
  • Dear Aunt Blabby – pretending to be advice columnists giving advice to make-believe siblings
  • Super Heroes – designing a personalized Super Hero version of ourselves
  • Rate Your Feelings – rating our feelings by moving across the room from one to five for sibling-specific situations

Some of the themes that we have heard from siblings in our groups include:

  • embarrassment
  • greater responsibilities
  • fear
  • protectiveness
  • reduced attention from parents/unequal attention at home
  • isolation from peers

In the sibling support group, kids have the opportunity to connect with peers, learn how other children handle situations commonly experienced by siblings and discover more about the significance of their siblings’ diverse abilities. We hope your child will join us!



Beth Fraser and Sarah Shelin

More information and registration at: advocate@cvcda.ca



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