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Next Comox Valley Touchpoints Parenting Program April 6 – May 18, 2022

Nov 29, 2021 | Events, Featured, News

Please join us for the

Wednesdays @ 7-9pm
April 6th to May 18th, 2022


The Touchpoints Parenting Program is a six week, practical and preventative program designed to meet the needs of today’s families. The goal of the program is to support positive parent-child relationships.

In the six weeks we will look at strategies for engaging parents in conversations about their children’s development. We will work on strategies to support parent mastery as we practice new skills within the group.

FREE to Register for Comox Valley families. Space is limited.
Email touchpoints@cvcda.ca to RSVP

Brazelton Touchpoints Center




Session 1: Parenting Our Unique Child: Joys and Challenges

Share the joys and challenges of parenting. Learn “What is a Touchpoint?” Discover its im- pact on your child’s development. Develop strategies to navigate developmental and rela- tional Touchpoints periods.

Session 2: Understanding Your Child’s Development

Continue to enhance your observational skills by identifying your child’s temperament and your individual parenting style. Reflect on the relationship between personality, tempera- ment and development.

Session 3: Exploring Our Family’s Culture and Language

Furthering our conversations on the uniqueness of our families, this session’s focus is on culture. Discuss “What is culture?” Explore the relationship between language, communica- tion and your child’s emerging social skills.

Session 4: Nurturing and Caring for Our Children: Keeping Our Children Safe and Healthy Using the foundation of your personal experiences, cultural exploration and developmental knowledge shared in sessions 1-3, this session focuses on children’s be- havior as it relates to the Touchpoints that they are in. Reflect on how to keep our children safe and healthy.

Session 5: Discipline: Our Role as Parents over Time – Teachers and Guides

This session incorporates all previous developmental concepts and relational strategies from sessions 1-4. Explore discipline, self-regulation and limit-setting. Learn effective strat- egies to guide your children and help your child learn and practice self-regulation.

Session 6: Wrap up: the opportunity to reflect and celebrate the last 5 weeks.






Both Angie and Alesha received their specialized Touchpoints Parenting Training in Boston at the Harvard Medical School. They are two of  three local professionals who attended the training from our region and are now amongst the first certified facilitators to bring the Touchpoints Parenting Program to families of the Comox Valley.

They are qualified in:

  • Strategies for engaging parents in conversation about their children’s development using Touchpoints informed practice within a group
  • Strategies for supporting parental mastery as parents practice new skills within a group
  • Group facilitation techniques based on the Touchpoints Approach

When they are not teaching the program, they are both full time Consultants with the CVCDA’s Supported Child Development Program.

Angie Dejersey
Alesha Gurr


Email all TP Parenting Program enquiries to touchpoints@cvcda.ca

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