Since 2014, Russ and Sharon Nelson have spearheaded the Kindling For Kids fundraiser. They have been spending their spare time to organize and prepare quality bags of kindling to sell in support of the Comox Valley Child Development Association (CVCDA).

Large bags of kindling can be purchased for $30 at Reliable Auto Body at the corner of McPhee and Cumberland Road (787 Cumberland Road) or from Russ and Sharon’s front drive at 221 Spindrift Drive in Royston. Bags are available starting in the fall and through winter until supplies last. They usually sell out by spring at the latest.

The whole process comes together with the support of many contributors including the donation of the wood from Ed and Ian Leakey of Chinook Forest Products. Then Russ and friends including Cliff Piercy and Lucas Stiefvater dry and prepare logs into blocks, and blocks into blanks using the electric log splitter. Before being delivered, each blank is hand split at Russ’ workshop directly into heavy duty garbage bags donated by Home Depot. Once at Reliable Auto Body, Mike MacLaren has the bags stacked and ready for easy pick up and purchase.

Each year, the Nelson’s join us at the annual CVCDA Children’s Telethon to present us with a cheque of the total amount raised through the year. Since 2014, partial proceeds have also gone to the Canucks For Kids Fund. To date the CVCDA has received over $36,000 from Kindling For Kids:

2014: $1,400
2015: $3,095
2016: $5,305
2017: $4,580
2018: $5,235
2019: $5,376
2020: $5,067
2021: $6,800

The large bags of kindling sell for $30 each, $21 of which is donated to the Comox Valley Child Development Association, $6 to the Canucks For Kids Fund and the remaining amount is used for expenses required to maintain equipment for kindling preparation.