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CVCDA Inclement Weather Policy

Nov 29, 2022 | Featured, News

Updated February 2020

The CVCDA recognizes that Inclement Weather can, at times, create difficult and dangerous travel and work conditions, that may interfere with the normal business operation of the agency. The CVCDA places importance on maintaining employee safety, while continuing to deliver services to the public where possible.


Closure Policy & Procedures:

The decision to close the agency due to inclement weather will be made by our Executive Director or their designate.

The Executive Director’s decision will be based on a variety of information sources district-wide; including, but not limited to: Weather reports; Conditions of local roadways and parking lots; Closing of schools, North Island College, as well as other businesses and services.

In the event that there is an announcement on the School District 71 website with regards to school closure due to inclement weather, the CVCDA offices will automatically close in conjunction with these school closures. All appointments will be cancelled and rescheduled.

Any closure communications will be available on the main page of the agency website (www.cvcda.ca). Additionally, a post will be made to our official Facebook page (@CVCDA). All agency employees will be informed via e-mail.

Where inclement weather occurs during regular working hours, The Executive Director, or their designate, may make the decision to close the agency early. All aspects of the closure policy will apply in this case.

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