Our mission is to help children in the Comox Valley reach their highest potential. Find out how we can help you.

We help children in the Comox Valley who have developmental delays or who just need a bit of extra help.  We can help their families and teachers, too.

All children develop at their own pace, but if you have questions, please call and ask.  Please call us to see if any of the services we provide would be a good fit for your child.


We build a personalized plan for every child we work with, made up from one or more of our services.

The strength of the Comox Valley Child Development Association is the many services that work together to help children. We do this by creating an individualized service plan, or ISP, for each child.


An Individualized Service Plan (ISP) is unique to each child. The parents and the team of professionals create a plan for the documentation of needs, concerns, and to emphasize the personal priorities of the child or youth.

ISPs are goal oriented. Major areas of focus are cognitive, communicative, social/emotional, physical/medical, and adaptive development.

They’re structured for success. It begins with assessments to insure that the roadmap to the individual’s goals begins where your child currently is. The goals are broken down into short‐term goals or objectives that, as accomplished, provide the skills needed to work toward achieving the goals.

Each plan is supported by the team and the staff that work with the child. Individualized Service Plans promote independence by supporting the child, the family and the agencies involved.

ISPs are outcome-oriented. Each team member knows how and what they are expected to do to support the child in reaching their goals. The team is also responsible for evaluating and revising the plan, as necessary.

The plan is across domains. This means that the goals are worked on and carried to the child’s various environments so there is uniformity of expectations wherever the child may be (home, school, or community).

Finally, an ISP provides the supports to make the difficult possible. Working toward the possible takes time, repetition and patience.