In 2019, the CVCDA welcomed this new program to our agency. As of 2021, we have partnered with Upper Island Women of Native Ancestry (UIWONA), who will host the program through their organization moving forward.

The Aboriginal Infant Development Program (AIDP) supports families with children from birth up to age five years by providing culturally safe programs for First Nations, Metis, and Inuit children and their families.

The program brings families and professionals together in a culturally safe and relevant environment to support infants and toddlers through early developmental stages.

It’s an opportunity for parents to:

  • Learn ways to encourage your child’s development
  • Discuss parenting and child development
  • Access other community resources and activities

For your child to:

  • Discover abilities
  • Learn new skills
  • Become more independent

Families play a vital role in every child’s development.  During the period of early childhood, children develop at a rapid pace. Together with families, the consultants plan activities that best meet the child’s and family’s needs.


Who Can Refer?

If you have concerns or questions about your child, you can refer your child yourself. Additionally, Public Health Nurses, Family Physicians, Pediatricians, Child Care Providers and other service providers at the Child Development Association can also refer for you.


Community Partners

You may see the Infant Development Program out in the community working in collaboration with many partner programs including:


Meet The Team

Dixie Hunt-Scott
Dixie Hunt-Scott

Infant Development Program Manager, Infant Development Consultant for Aboriginal Families

Phone: 250-338-4288 ext 226
Email: dixie@cvcda.ca