The Early Years Wellness Program aims to help families encourage good mental health and wellness in their children. We support parent-child relationships while providing positive parenting tools. Funding for our services are covered through the A Pathway to Hope initiative.

What Do We Believe?

The following principles from Brazleton Touchpoints guide our work with families:

  • All families want what’s best for their children
  • Each family is unique
  • Every family has strengths
  • Families are the experts on their children

How Can We Help?

The Early Years Wellness Program can support families to:

  • Strengthen the relationship with their child
  • Add to their parenting toolbox
  • Tackle everyday challenges
  • Connect to other resources as needed

We work together with each individual family to create a plan for service, and the child is always at the center of that plan. We work as a part of a family’s team with other service providers and community partners as needed.

Who Can Refer?

If you have concerns or questions about your child, you can refer your child yourself. Additionally, Public Health Nurses, Family Physicians, Pediatricians, Child Care Providers and other service providers at the Child Development Association can also refer for you.

What Happens After The Referral?

You will be seen by our Family Advocate to gather relevant information and gather consent for services

  • You will be contacted by Early Years Wellness to arrange an intake meeting wherever is most convenient for your family
  • Plans for services will then be determined based on the needs of your family and the availability of our team. Services may include frequent visits, regular check-ins, and/or participation in groups.


How Can I Help My Child At Home?

  • Spend time each day playing with your baby or child on the floor. Follow their lead and enjoy your special time together.
  • Label feelings and be with your child through challenging ones.
  • Keep a routine at home for eating, sleeping, diapering, and playtimes.
  • Sing lullabies or songs to your baby or child.
  • Read books to your baby or child.
  • Bring your baby or child to new places to see new things.
  • Give your child opportunities to play and talk with other children.

Meet The Team

Sarah Shelin
Sarah Shelin

Early Years Wellness Consultant and Program Manager

Phone: 250-338-4288 ext 273
Email: sarah@cvcda.ca

Meghan O'Rourke
Meghan O'Rourke

Early Years Wellness Consultant

Phone: 250-338-4288 ext 275
Email: meghan@cvcda.ca

Forest Palumbo
Forest Palumbo

Early Years Wellness Consultant

Phone: 250-207-3803
Email: forest@cvcda.ca