A partnership of support for young adults with a disability focused on confidence, goals and fulfillment

Project Inclusion is a partnership with the Comox Valley community to guide and support young adults with a disability, increasing their confidence and competence to reach their highest potential and lead fulfilling lives.

Guided by their youth, families govern through a host-agency model, and the education and involvement of the community in coordinating and creating innovative supports and services.

Each individual comes to Project Inclusion with their own specific goals.

The Coordinator and The Project Inclusion staff assist the youth in setting, working towards, and achieving their goals. Families and support people are a part of the goal setting process on a regular basis.

Together the youth and staff plan activities and create a monthly schedule that focuses on their goals.

Some goals are worked on individually, while some are worked on in groups.

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Wendy Hawksworth
Wendy Hawksworth

Project Inclusion Coordinator

Phone: 250-897-5758
Email: wendy@cvcda.ca