At the Comox Valley Child Development Association (CVCDA), our mission is to help children, youth and adults with diverse abilities in the Comox Valley to reach their highest potential. Through a wide range of services, we help local children (from Mud Bay to Oyster River), who have developmental delays or simply just need a little bit of extra support. We work not only directly with children and their families but also with their care professionals and teachers, either at our Centre or out in the community.

All of the services at the CVCDA are family centred. This means we recognize that families know their children best and play the most important role in their life. We support families to make decisions about their child’s services; we respect individual families’ values, beliefs, and cultural backgrounds. At the CVCDA, families are equal partners in the provision of services.

Through a wide range of services, we help local children, youth and adults who have developmental delays or simply just need a little bit of extra support.

As all children develop at their own pace, we are happy to assist with any questions. Please do not hesitate to reach out to our Family Advocate as a first point of contact to see if any service or combination of services may be a good fit for your child. Click below to learn more about how to access our servcies and eligability.

Please continue reading to explore some of the different areas of service we provide at the CVCDA.

Autism Services

The CVCDA provides evidence-based intervention services for children and youth, from 2 to 19 years of age with a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder. During the school year we provide weekly services for preschoolers and school aged children. During the summer we provide a two-week day camp for older school-aged children and teens.

> The Autism Program (TAP)
> CV Autism Parents Support Group


Aboriginal Services

The CVCDA has many services designed for children with Aboriginal ancestry
and their families. We offer an Aboriginal specific program in Supported Child Development. We also partner with the Upper Island Women Of Native Ancestry (UIWONA) to provide customized Aboriginal services in both infant development and speech and language pathology. We provide direct, individual service to children and their caregivers across settings. Cultural components such as drumming, Indigenous themed materials, and books are used in sessions.

Additionally, the CVCDA organizes regular events and activities through these programs. They build community and capacity amongst families to provide a culturally safe space and provide opportunities for creative activities for mothers and their children.

> Aboriginal Infant Development Program (AIDP)  – Hosted at UIWONA
> Aboriginal Speech and Language Program (ASLP)  – Hosted at UIWONA
> Aboriginal Supported Child Development (ASCDP)


Early Intervention Services

A variety of direct individual therapy services for ages 0-school entry. Our team of professionals focus on assessment and development of functional skills necessary for a child’s everyday life such as speech, movement, feeding, self regulation and motor skills.

> Early Intervention Therapy Program:

–  Physiotherapy
–  Occupational Therapy
–  Speech Language Pathology
–  Aboriginal Speech and Language Program (ASLP)  – Hosted through UIWONA

> Aboriginal Infant Development Program (AIDP)  – Hosted through UIWONA
> Infant Development Program
> Preemie Support Group
> Supported Child Development (SCDP)


Adult Services (accessed through CLBC)

CVCDA offers two groups for adults (19+) with diverse abilities focusing on community inclusion and support in employment and independent living. Participants organize and take part in many events and activities while building relationships and lasting friendships.

> Project Inclusion
> Friendship Project


Children and Youth with Special Needs Services  (referrals by CYSN social workers at MCFD)

These services include providing support in promoting positive behaviours, relationships and engagement amongst children and youth with diverse abilities. Additionally, support is available to the whole family offering information, guidance, advocacy and problem solving in the home and in the community.

> Family Support
> Behaviour Consultation
> Community Integration Program


Additional Family Support Services

> JumpStart Preschool
> Early Years Community Outreach
> Early Years Wellness Program
> Pathways To Healing Partnership
> Supported Child Development (SCDP)
> VI Regional Advisor for SCDP