Be Entered to WIN!

When you donate an amount either $100-299 OR $300+ you will automatically be entered to win the respective prize below. In order to be eligible, your donation must be made between 12-8pm on Sunday November 3rd, during the 49th CVCDA Children’s Telethon.

Watch this space for this year’s prizes to be announced.

Our Children Need YOU!

The CVCDA 49th Annual Children’s Telethon, with your generous donations, will continue to build on our programs and meet local demands to improve upon the lives of the Comox Valley children, youth and adults with diverse abilities and their families, who utilize our services.

CVCDA Children's Therapy CentreWe are excited to continue on the journey of our primary fundraising goal for 2024. We are working towards funding the planning stages of a new capital project. The Comox Valley Children’s Therapy Centre, one of our oldest and most historic buildings, is in great need of an upgrade in order to more effectively meet the growing demand for our services.

For just over 20 years now, our Children’s Therapy Centre has been home to all of our Early Intervention Therapies (EIT) including Speech and Langauge Pathology and both our Physiotherpay and Occupational Therapy programs. You can find our Children’s Therapy Centre off of Cliffe Ave. at the rear of the main CVCDA offices, centrally located in downtown Courtenay.

There are a number of ways in which a new building would benefit our organization and the programs it houses. Firstly, having a new therapy space would allow for our EIT programs to more easily incorprate more modern equipment and up to date technologies that would support our therapy professionals in improving their every day services.

Additionally, building new would allow for more efficient operations potentially saving our organization on the mounting and costly expenses covering buidling maintentance, upkeep and upgrades, when required to retrofit the aging structure.

As we always strive for our locations to be welcoming and inclusive to all of our visitors. The oppoprtunity to completely reimagine a more efficient use of the existing buidling’s footprint would allow us to make better use of our limited space while also providing a much more open, inviting and spacious layout.

And finally, and most importantly, a new larger space would allow for the CVCDA to grow our Early Intervention Therapy programs and increase capacity to meet the exploding demands for these services currently in the Comox Valley.

The CVCDA Children’s Telethon, is a FREE event for the whole family to view either in person at the Sid Williams Theatre or from home or where ever you are. JOIN US and enjoy all of the live performances, prizes and guest appearances you’ve come to know through the years and also be part of the wonderful fundraising spirit of the Comox Valley.


Thank you for supporting our BIGGEST fundraising event of the year.

Visit CVCDA.CA/TELETHON for all event details.

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