The CYSN Family Support Worker provides individualized support to families that have children or youth with disabilities. A CYSN Family Support Worker meets with families in their homes and in the community and provides assistance in the form of information, advocacy, planning, guidance, and problem-solving. This program uses a family-centered, strengths-based approach and aims to increase the well-being of families.

The CYSN Family Support Worker can help families gain knowledge and build skills in the following areas:

  • accessing services and supports in the community.
  • connecting to social opportunities and recreation.
  • communicating with schools and professionals and attending meetings.
  • parenting and life skills.
  • household management.
  • parent-child interaction.
  • behaviour management.
  • child and youth with special needs development.


Who Can Refer?

In order to access CYSN Family Support Worker services with the CVCDA, you need a direct referral from your Children and Youth with Special Needs (CYSN) Worker at the Ministry of Children and Family Development (MCFD). Please contact them for more information. If you are unsure who your CYSN worker is, you can contact MCFD at 250-334-5820.

Meet The Team

Amy Morrisey
Amy Morrisey

CYSN Family Support Worker

Phone: 250-338-4288