She may be new to the position of Family Advocate but April Statz is actually a very familiar face for most families we serve and a long time team member here at the Comox Valley Child Development (CVCDA). As she started with the organization back in 2008, April is no stranger to many of our families, programs, services and the greater community and resources available. Originally, April came to the CVCDA from the School District and began her time here in The Autism Program (TAP). She has since seen TAP through much growth and been an integral part in many initiatives including the addition of our Comox Valley Autism Centre and the introduction of our in house ASD Assessment Clinics.

April is very much looking forward to all the challenges that may come in her new role with in the organization. Being the first contact most families may have with the CVCDA, April believes it is important for them to know they can always reach out to her with their questions and concerns. Think of her as a resource.

Beth FraserWe are also delighted to announce, our former Family Advocate, Beth Fraser, who served 7 years in the position did not move on from the CVCDA. Many of our families have gotten to know Beth well over this time and will be very pleased to know they can still see her in and around the main CVCDA offices. She has now joined the Infant Development Program team and is settling in quite nicely. There, she will continue to work closely with families as one of the CVCDA’s Infant Development Consultants.

Services for families at the Comox Valley Child Development Association (CVCDA) include access to our Family Advocate. April will usually be the first person you meet when you are referred to or enquire about receiving services at the CVCDA. Our Family Advocate provides an overview of the services and can answer your questions about all CVCDA programs. She also supports families in linking to other community services they may need.

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